Remembrance Walk Volunteer

NILMDTS Remembrance, “Our Journey Together” is in need of volunteers to help plan the Remembrance Walks. It takes many volunteers to ensure that our event runs smoothly and is as successful as possible. We can’t make that happen without you!

If you are volunteering for our event, and are also remembering a baby, you will need to register as a participant to have your baby’s name read during the presentation. *Please note that there is a certain date to register by to have your baby’s name included on the t-shirt and program book, but all baby names will be read during the presentation.

If you are at this event to honor your baby, you will be released from your duties in time for the presentation.

MINNESOTA- September 9, 2017

COLORADO – September 23, 2017

GEORGIA – October 7, 2017

If you have any additional questions, please contact us by email here.