Photo Services

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The following service is provided locally in Colorado, and is the only one available at the time of your loss. The photographer will come to you to take pictures of your baby.

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep
To honor your child’s legacy, NILMDTS offers free professional portraiture to parents suffering the loss of a baby.

Other Photo Services

Baby Angel Pics
Hollywood FotoFix, under the AngelPics Project, will retouch any picture of a stillborn baby, or a baby that has died soon after birth. Their artists will remove any bruising, tubes, and other medical equipment that the baby may have, and make the image look more natural and easier to look at and share with the family. The service is intended for full or near term photographs only.

[/column][column grid=”2″ span=”1″]Baby Face Illustrations
Memorial portrait drawing of your baby.

Darla Dixon, Pencil Portraits Drawn from Photos
Creates special keepsake remembrance portraits based on photographs of stillborn and neo-natal death infants.

Heartprints Photo Retouching
Heartprints is a digital photo retouching service for families who have lost a baby through stillbirth or prematurity. Many esthetic issues that take away from the natural beauty of your child can be corrected. No charge, donations accepted.

Pencil Portraits by Dana
Pencil drawn memorials, customized prints and beautiful Certificates of Life



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