Reading Resources for Grandparents

[column grid=”2″ span=”1″]A Grandparent’s Sorrow
Author: Pat Schweibert, RN
Suggestions on how grandparents can help themselves as they grieve, how to better understand their child during this difficult time, and how to hold close the precious memory of their grandchild.

For Bereaved Grandparents
Author: Margaret H. Gerner
Shows how grandparents can help their children while grieving themselves.


[column grid=”2″ span=”1″]

Forgotten Tears: A Grandmother’s Journey Through Grief
Author: Nina Bennett
Written by a bereaved grandmother, it portrays the unique grief journey of grandparents.

Grieving Grandparents
Author: Lori Leininger and Sherokee Ilse
An exploration of the complicated loss grandparents feel as they try to comfort and support their children and grieve for their grandchild.




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