Reading Resources for Dads

[column grid=”2″ span=”1″]A Guide For Fathers: When A Baby Dies
Author: Tim Nelson
Meant to be a guide during the early hours and days after finding out the news of their baby’s death, the book offers suggestions for communicating with medical caregivers, offering support to their partner, telling the news to other children, making funeral arrangements and taking care of themselves in a time of crisis. It goes on to talk about effective communications during the weeks and months following the loss, going to a support group, returning to the workplace, and the issues surrounding a subsequent pregnancy.

Faces of Loss, Faces of Hope
Blogs about baby loss from a dad’s perspective.

Miscarriages Hurt Men Too
Author: Peter Burdon
A collection of case studies of 12 men from around the world. They discuss how they coped and how they supported their partners. They also give a word of advice to others who may go through such trauma. Available as a PDF download.

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Noah’s Rainbow: A Father’s Emotional Journey from the Death of His Son to the Birth of His Daughter
Author: David Fleming
This book is for parents who are grieving the death of a child, and is particularly geared toward fathers.

Open to Hope
Insightful articles to help men with their grief. Not baby specific.

Strong and Tender
Author: Pat Schwiebert, RN
A book especially for fathers, this is a collection of insights, helpful hints and tender thoughts to give a father strength during the dark times of grief following his baby’s death.