Remembrance Donations

Various donations for the May 12, 2018 Assembly were made in memory of

Alexander Agbortogho Dylan Maughan
Emory Agbortogho Porter Morin
Zoe Azada Charles Aiden Morrissey
Tommy Broaden James Lindon Mullins
Thomas Ryan Broderick Jr John David Mullins
Maeve Elizabeth Brown Patrick William Murray
August Selby Mitchell Brownell Lucas John Piper
Izabella Cynthia-Lynn Burbank Baby Bell
Luke Arthur Campbell Adalynn (Addy) Prentice
Madisyn Michele Canup Camden Ryan Ramstetter
Carson Twin Boys Brayden Allen Rathe
Barbie Charlton Bodhi Samuel Salazar
Terri Churchley Christian Schneider
Adam Daniel Cordova Layne James Schwartz
Cooper Cosgriff Casey Olivia-Dyan Siegel
Charles Francis Dalpiaz Ezra Chertok Skodol
Ryan Lee Drifmeyer Tenley Ranae Snyder
Natalie Alise Furman Mary Caitlin Timmons-McEntee
Emerson Avery Hajek Jacob Mel Todd
Faith Hakola Owen Tolerba
Hope Hakola Payton Tolerba
David Paul Harris Sarkes Robertson Tootalian
Ethan Robert Harris Sam Wilcock
Remy Ray Higgins All Angel Babies
Henry Thomas Horne Brodi
Liam Wynn Jackson Callen
Riley Winter Jackson Dominic
Baby Ben Jackson Dominic Israel
Archer West Jackson Elsie Jean
Andy Kalish Gracylynn
Benjamin Samuel Kreinbrink Maggie
August Joy Kreinbrink Mary Ellen
Rita May Kreinbrink Samantha Grace
Lexi Elizabeth Lloyd Ulises
Parker James Martin

If you attended an the assembly and/or made a donation and do not see your baby’s name on the lists above, please contact us here to have their name(s) added immediately.

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If you are interested in donating a Care Package or a Teddy Bear for the next assembly in August, you can do so here.