Remembrance Donations

Various donations for the November 4, 2017 Assembly were made in memory of

Alexander Agbortogho Alyson Perkins
Emory Agbortogho Lucas John Piper
Izabella Cynthia-Lynn Burbank Baby Bell
Luke Arthur Campbell Adalynn Prentice
Carson Twin Boys Christopher Scot Pusey
Barrett Mark Chaisson Amelia Reisdorfer
Calder Raymond Cronkite Nora Reisdorfer
Baby D’Errica Colton Richter
Eleanor Grace Daskalova Baby September
Jeremiah Selah Davis Casey Olivia-Dyan Siegel
Angela Faith Derus Ezra Chertok Skodol
Drew Deye Macy Rae Struble
Nate Deye Mary Caitlin Timmons-McEntee
Lucas Emory Everett Jacob Mel Todd
Shelby Wilson Galien IV Stella Vadakkoot
Beau William Grauberger King Vigil
David Paul Harris Allison Hannah
Ethan Robert Harris Callen
Isaac James Jensen Eli Cole
Baby June Emily Anne
Linley Sue Kerr Eric Peter
Benjamin Samuel Kreinbrink Esther Grace
August Joy Kreinbrink Gabrielle Alice
Rita May Kreinbrink George Gabriel
Joseph Leahy Grace
Brendan Leahy Hope
Aidan Leahy Lainey Lily
Breanna Claire Millsaps Lillian Sofia
Porter Morin Maggie
Sean Michael Morris Molly Christine
James Lindon Mullins Samaria
John David Mullins Thomas
Madilyne Myers Tyler
Baby October

If you attended an the assembly and/or made a donation and do not see your baby’s name on the lists above, please contact us here to have their name(s) added immediately.

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If you are interested in donating a Care Package or a Teddy Bear for the next assembly in February, you can do so here.