Keith Davis is a former college and professional football player that has been seen on ESPN, ABC, USA Today, and Sports Illustrated. He is also an entrepreneur as well as a motivational speaker who has spoken in over 5 thousand schools and corporations, in over 51 countries.

He graduated from the University of Southern California with his teams highest grade point average and a degree in Business Finance.

While playing at USC, Keith was the teams leading tackler and an All-Conference player. He was also selected to the All-American Strength Team and played in one of college football’s biggest and most exciting games, The Rose Bowl. He has won 2 Championship rings.

After college, Keith signed his professional football contract with the New York Giants.

Keith was one of the strongest players on the team during the pre-season. He bench presses over 515 pounds, and Leg presses 1800 pounds.

He is the founder of Winners Incorporated, an international humanitarian organization.



The past few years, Mark Miller has been performing his own brand of Americana/Country Music in sold out listening rooms from Georgia to Maine (not just an Appalachian Trail reference).

Strongly influenced by the 1970’s Texas School of Songwriters, Mark writes stories of his own journey through loss, grief, recovery, and redemption.


DANIELLE MALONE, Remembrance Reader


HUGH BOZEMAN, Remembrance Reader

Hugh Bozeman is a retired high school Science teacher, having taught in Louisiana and Texas for over 35 years. In addition, for 6 years he worked in Safety, Training, and Personnel for 2 oilfield drilling companies. In his spare time, he enjoys hunting, fishing, and growing orchids. He serves the West Main church of Christ in Lewisville in several capacities, one of which is leading acapella congregational singing. He is married to Linda Bozeman. They have 4 sons, Kevin Bozeman, Brian Bozeman, Zach Kelsey, and Blake Kelsey, each with a wonderful and beautiful wife. They have blessed us with 7 surviving grandchildren, and a grandson due in a few weeks.

Hugh and Linda are thankful for NILMDTS, for last June, Blake and his wife Kelli, lost beautiful Caroline Ann on the day of her birth.

JANA BROCKMAN, Remembrance Reader

Jana Brockman is a teacher in Plano ISD and has been for 30 years. She has taught elementary education, special education, and currently teaches ESL to students that are brand new to the country. She is also involved in home missions in her church and enjoys volunteering.

Jana experienced her own loss through miscarriage. She joins the walk for her baby and her dear friend, Kelli, who lost her daughter at 39 weeks June 12, 2017.

TANYA CARLSON, Remembrance Reader

Tanya Carlson is wife, mother, friend, veteran, hiring manager, volunteer and all around lover of life.  No matter the role she plays and all the hats she wears, the one common thread is people.  Being part of the journey and sharing their stories is what keeps it interesting and what makes it so very worthwhile.

She is reading today as someone who believes in the magic of the spoken word and that the act of remembrance is a vital part of the healing process.